About us

What can we do for you?

Are you ready to save some time with our reviews instead of wasting days on trying online dating websites by yourself?

This is what we do - we save the time of our readers, as well as their nerves and money by providing them with the latest information on the top dating websites. Our audience consists of everyone who is just interested in the online dating sphere, who is ready for a new relationship with a foreign woman and wants to start it online, and who wants to find out everything about a particular dating site. Our team tries to keep our readers up to date and is constantly keeping an eye on the websites’ updates.

We should note that meetsingles.is is completely free-to-access and it will not change in the future.

We do earn on our activity

To make the content you see here completely free-to-access, we need to earn on our activity. We want to highlight that we do get compensation from the companies-owners of the dating sites that we review. The links to the sites you can see in the reviews are affiliate - if you click on them and set up an account on that dating platform, we will earn on that. The compensations we receive may influence the sites’ positions in our ratings.

If you do want to support our work and the results of our analysis are helpful for you, please feel free to use the links that are placed on our site.

We review the sites. How?

Reviewing the websites is a complex process. At least, it is complex in our company.

First, we choose a platform to review based on the users’ askings on forums and websites and their reviews. Then our team of developers, web-designers, and sociologists analyze each of the aspects we think to be essential for a dating site and the users and share our final thoughts with our readers, trying to provide you with readable and clear texts. Of course, we do ask the real users how they can describe a site that we are currently analyzing because we want our opinion to coincide with reality and reasoned feedback of other people who are using the websites for months for a real purpose - to find a partner.

All the dating site criteria that we consider

We try to focus on all the things that an average user may be interested in, but we do want our readers to see the features that are not usually considered during picking a site. Here is the list of the criteria we analyze for our users to be aware of everything they will see on a platform.

  • Users’ profiles and design. The site’s design is the first thing a member sees and its interface is the tool a member will use for a long time. These two should be not only attractive; each of the design and interface elements should be placed properly and be functional, otherwise, they are senseless and create a visual mess. We pay a lot of attention to the choice of font and color scheme - a user should be able to use the site with no efforts or negative feelings.
  • Functionality. The more services - the better. However, if the developers of a site have provided the users with a ton of features that do not make any sense and are not helpful at all, we will never recommend such a site to our readers. Only those platforms that have thought about several interaction functions for their members, as well as a search tool with various filters will be recommended to you.
  • Rating. The more users have successfully found a partner on a site, the bigger the chance that you will find it as well. We check if the websites we review are popular enough for you to give them a try. We use the services Ahrefs and Semrush to analyze the time people spend using those sites, how often they come back to it and if it is actually as popular as the administrations claim them to be.
  • Competitor position. We browse the platforms that allow leaving the feedback on dating sites, such as trustpilot.com, sitejabber.com, and influenster.com and decide if a particular dating website is helpful enough to recommend it to you. Our sociologists always question the real users to see if the reviews on the web are true, so you can be sure that we are posting adequate and honest information.
  • Work of the support team members. As far as there is no perfect website and that there are inexperienced online dating sites users, we suppose that there may be difficulties with navigating or finding the needed page. The support team is the unit that provides the site’s members the assistance 24/7. We believe good support can save even not the best website - but any platform should still try to reach the highest quality peak in any aspect, from services to interface.

With us, making choices is easier than even. Be sure to make the right one, and first - pick meetsingles.is!